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World Society Direct Democracy Final Judgement of NWO!

03.08.2016 13:39




Since the actual World’s geopolitical social right justice lack, wars and economy crisis situation, created by the New World Order heads criminal act, are needed world joint  activists ,whistleblowers, financial intelligence and lawyers associations organization of the People multi communitary legal denounces of NWO Death Penalty several criminal moves in Federal Courts to get Supreme Courts jurisprudence jurisdiction prosecutions of cases world gate in The Hague International Court, like -Justice team coordination cooperation- of local and international law accomplishment owe work By the World’s all joint together activist, whistleblowers, financial intelligence and lawyers one single central organization.


Activism type:

·                    https://www.politicalindex.com/sect10.htm

·                    Community leader Social movement Virtual volunteering Social engineering (political science) Feminism Restorationism Advocacy group

·                    Civil disobedience Community building Activism industry Conflict transformation Cooperative movement Craftivism Voluntary simplicity

·                    Economic activism Boycott Veganism (boycott of animal usage)

o                               Divestment (a.k.a. Disinvestment) Franchise activism

·                    Lobbying Media activism Culture jamming Hacktivism Internet activism Nonviolence Peace activist and Peace movement Political campaigning

·                    Propaganda Protest Demonstration Direct action Theater for Social Change

o                               Protest songs Strike action Youth activism Student activism

o                               Youth-led media

Whistleblowers associations:


https://www.whistleblowers.org/  https://www.whistleblowers.gov/                https://www.nswbc.org/  https://www.whistlebower.org/



 World Legal Organizations


World Bar Associations Directory by Country

Internet Bar Association

International Bar Association

International Law Association

Inter-Pacific Bar Association

Inter-American Bar Association

Union Internationale des Avocats

Customs and International Trade Bar Association

Federation des Barreaux d’Europe

International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The Law Society for Asia and the Pacific

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

International Association of Korean Lawyers

British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

International Institute for the Unification of Private Law

International Municipal Lawyers Association

International Society for Military Law and the Law of War

International Tax Planning Association

Direct democracy is a form of government in which people collectively make decisions for themselves, rather than having their political affairs decided by representatives. Direct democracy is classically termed "pure democracy".[1] Depending on the particular system in use, it might entail passing executive motions, making laws, electing or dismissing officials and conducting trials. Direct democracy stands in contrast to a representative democracy in which the decisive authority is vested in a subset of people, usually on the basis of election.[citation needed]

Many countries that are representative democracies allow for three forms of political action that provide limited direct democracy: referendum (plebiscite), initiative, and recall. Referendums can include the ability to hold a binding referendum on whether a given law should be rejected. This effectively grants the populace which holds suffrage a veto on government legislation. Initiatives, usually put forward by the populace, force the consideration of laws or amendments (usually by a subsequent referendum), without the consent of the elected officials, or even in opposition to the will of said officials. Recalls give people the right to remove elected officials from office before the end of their term, although this is very rare in modern democracies.[citation needed]

One world central pyramidal organization with every country core leader, over Ong’s Foundations charity funds to as NWO unmask mass march’s leaflets distribution and Internet Notice Advertising, include people congregation information spreads costs.

Also support our denounces with Mass People March’s signatures collection to do the us nations NWO Supreme Court Trial Bill Petition and Initiative Referendum.


Here are my all New World Order heavy crimes against humanity probes ICC denounce



Facebook page link of World Revolution Now


Facebook page link of United for Global Change 15 Oct. Global March org.


Here the Global Freedom & Rights Defense March’s information websites:

https://www.roarmag.org/  https://www.takethesquare.net/


We over the world joint together with all faith, honor, conviction, good will and brotherhood, will win the fight of as Freedom & Rights Defense, like woman and man Freedom Fighters, with the objective focus of defeat the Criminal New World Order was are in as Patriot Siege finish work, how Social Warriors bless by God.


In Peace and Love the Creator be with you!


Best, Al Rovati.